What You Didnt Know About Oil Companies –

The world’s e industries. This can be a significant stimulant for other big corporations.

Petroleum and oil companies draw the attention of net worth people because they help in extending their investment options as well as providing extremely profitable, long-term income. The following are information you did not know about oil companies.

Five Facts About Oil Companies

1. The United States is the biggest manufacturer and user of natural gas and petroleum in the world.
2. The world population consumes approximately 36 billion barrels of oil per year. It’s around 100 million barrels per day.
3. Oil firms are among the highest-paid
4. Texas is the United States’ top producing oil state. 36% of oil output comes from Texas. Also, it controls nearly a third of all petroleum reserves within the US.
5. The US assumed the reigns as the largest oil-producing nation by dethroning Russia as well as Saudi Arabia. EAI 2021

Initial data indicated that preliminary figures showed that US averaged around 16.582 million barrels per day. d53fwm7o8n.

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