What to Think About Prior to Purchasing Compost – Home Efficiency Tips

ive essential things you should be thinking about.

Be aware of the elements in your compost. Wood, pine, and food scraps can all be used in compost. In contrast biosolids should be completely composted prior to being appropriate for use. Manure, though a great fertilizer, needs to be completely composted also. Second, if you’re purchasing your compost from a bulk organic compost provider (or facility) or farm and ask what process they employ. It is best to ask whether they’re able to explain their process, or claim that it’s “aged”. This could indicate that manure has been being stored for several years, which can result in a contaminated compost.

Always look at the Ph levels of the compost. A Ph range between six and eight would be ideal. Nitrogen and carbon ratios need to be balanced as well, and for this, search at numbers between 20. Poor consistency compost will seem similar in appearance to sawdust. Rely on your senses for the decision-making process. Take advantage of the sense of touch, smell and eyes to determine if the compost seems like the right fit for you.


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