What Is a Sports Card Breaker? – Art In The News


Over the past decade people who collect cards and sports card enthusiasts have seen an explosion in the breaking of cards. In the present, it seems as if everyone is breaking cards. So what are breakages to your card cases and how can you begin to deal with them?

Sport card breaks, or “breaks” occur when one person (or company) purchases a whole box of sports cards, then charge collectors individually for the opportunity to “buy into” and keep a selection of cards from the box. Then, the “breaker” or the one who purchased the entire box, takes it out and then displays the card inside. This is usually done through live streaming. Once the box is removed, the breaker will forward the cards in the boxes to the investors.

Case breaks occur time when the host is able to open every packet, which “breaks” the case. This is what’s shown on the live steam. Every break is going to have its “hits” They are memorabilia or autographed cards.

At times, an entire hobby box can be restricted by one additional special card. This is the “Case Hit” card is the one.

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