The When, Why, and How of Aerating Your Lawn – Chester County Homes

ion? It will be clear what it is best to fertilize your lawn.

What is the reason you should aerate your lawn first? The reason is that lawns with only one kind of grass do not grow in nature. In order to keep your lawn in good shape so that your particular culture grows well, you have to do certain things that nature would not perform. By aerating, you fight compaction that occurs in soil. Compaction could be caused by the weight of water and snowfall or people walking around within the garden. The soil is replenished and the nutrients can get to the root by Aeration.

How often do you have to fertilize your grass? It is typically for the western region of the United States, in the “ber months” which is also known as September, October, September, and September. Aerating your lawn during the time when your grass is at its highest growth time so that it will recover quickly–think early spring or fall for cool-season grasses and later spring until early summer for the warm-season grasses. You will need to aerate your lawn annually when you live in areas with zones with high traffic and clay soil.


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