The Mechanics Behind Power Windows – Reference

Of hand-crank windows, they fall further and deeper behind us. The power window is a fairly new type of technology. However, it’s an integral part of the design process for vehicles that it was adopted as the norm practically as soon as it was created. It’s impossible to believe how many don’t consider their actual mechanics. Something has to be moving this window in a downward and upward direction.

There’s an online platform for anything, which is why engineers have shared their secrets about power windows. The idea was very clever as the inventors had the idea of creating something that would not only be moved with just the one hand, but would also climb or fall easily. Failing on either front would either make an unreliable design or pose a security threat.

A combination of an electronic signal switch and a metal frame is the most efficient method to test both boxes. The metal frame is locked while the car isn’t on and makes it almost impossible to open the window manually. The shapes of these mechanisms also differ between rear and front-seat windows to ensure safety as well as aesthetic purpose.


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