Should I Rekey or Replace My Homes Locks? – Teng Home

If you have an older lock at your home You may think about rekeying it or replacing it. Locksmiths for homes can perform both, but which one costs less? What is the best option for having it? In this video the subject matter expert discusses the best practices to follow should you decide to upgrade your lock.

If you decide to change the key on your lock, the sole item they’ll replace is the area where the key is inserted. If you’ve got an excellent lock, but just need to replace the keys as you move into a new home or want to make sure that those with before gained access can’t enter your home, this could help you. It’s a low-cost option since it is only a matter of getting the lock switched out.

If you’re changing the whole lock, this may be higher priced. If you are looking for an even greater level of security for your house then you could replace the entire lock. You decide about what type of service you would like to have done. Take a look at this video in full for a look at the advantages of each and determine which one is best for you and your needs.


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