Rochester, A Great Place For Food

Restaurants rochester

Rochester is a city with no shortage of restaurants. Overall, there are numerous different restaurants rochester ny to suit every taste and every budget, from great cheap late night food to gourmet cuisine. Of course, there are several downtown Rochester NY restaurants that are simply iconic. You might stop by Nick Tahoe’s for an infamous Rochester “garbage plate.” The Dinosaur BBQ is another Rochester staple, featuring excellent BBQ food such as ribs. And if you are looking for something high class and gourmet, you might try out Tuvine’s, next to the Little Theatre in the East End. And of course, don’t forget to stop by Abbott’s for a frozen custard, a Rochester staple.

However, outside of these Rochester icons, there are also numerous other restaurants Rochester NY to consider. The Park Avenue area, in particular, is a great place for Rochester restaurants. It features numerous ethnic restaurants, such as Sinbad’s Mediterranean Eatery, Esan Thai restaurant, Piranha Sushi Bar, and Dorado, a Latin fusion restaurant. Jines is also a great Park Avenue staple, featuring Greek cuisine. And you might also check out the Village Gate, located at College and Goodman, for Rochester NY restaurants. The Village Gate features a number of downtown Rochester restaurants. For example, you might check out Selena’s, a Mexican restaurant featuring excellent Mexican food, or Espada’s, a Brazilian Fusion restaurant.

Ultimately, there are numerous different restaurants Rochester NY. Overall, if you are looking for great food and great downtown Rochester NY restaurants, there are numerous different options to choose one. There is something to suit everyone’s budget and everyone’s taste in Rochester, whether you are looking for a cheap late night garbage plate or a high class gourmet meal. Rochester is a great place for those who love to eat and there are numerous different restaurants Rochester NY to choose from.

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