Questions to Ask Prior to Hiring an Injury Attorney – Source and Resource

Licensed in the same state of your accident or not legally authorized to represent you. If they’re licensed to represent you, you should inquire who will have to deal with, either someone who handles cases, or an attorney themself. An attorney is more likely to handle situations better more effectively than the paralegal. For a realistic expectation be sure to inquire about the normal time between communications.

It’s not a bad idea to ask about your potential lawyer’s background. Finding out how long they’ve been practicingfor, what areas of law they specify in how long, as well as their rates of success are essential factors. You may want duplicates of all the information that’s documented on your case including the fax and emails. It allows you to monitor what’s going on with your case and allows you to comprehend it. Knowing what fees you will be expected to pay is essential. You may be charged by long-distance calls, or for paper use, generally, however, you’ll get a flat-rate before the date.

If you are involved in an action, you’ll need to know if your attorney will sue and if they’ll inform you of this and seek your approval prior to filing a lawsuit. A thorough investigation could help you decide on the best injury lawyer for your specific needs!


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