Pros and Cons Invisalign – Family Issues Online

Invisibly: Teeth may be straightened even though people aren’t aware.
2. There are no restrictions on food – just can remove your aligners before you eat. Braces are prohibited from eating tough, sticky, or crunchy foods.
3. Easier to brush teeth and floss. With braces. But there are some issues such as cavities, swollen gums, and scars on teeth.
4. Fewer appointments – braces usually require appointments between 6 and 8 weeks intervals. Patients using aligners will require appointments every 10-12 weeks.
5. Less discomfort and irritation when the use of Invisalign aligners.

1. It is essential to wear them at all times, in addition to brushing or eating.
2. Longer treatment period – If not worn according to instructions Certain bite and tooth problems may not be addressed.
3. Speech loss is temporary.
4. Certain bite and tooth problems are resolved with metal braces only.

The orthodontist will advise on the most effective treatment strategy following the initial appointment. y5tejddin4.

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