Land Clearing Study Guide The Equipment Involved – Tech Talk Radio Show

and clearing , and the purpose behind them. Watch the video to find out more.

The bulldozer was the very first equipment that could be used to clean land. A bulldozer has blades at the front of the machine that is used to push trees down and other plant life. The massive machines are normally controlled by the driver inside the cab. The driver oversees all the functions and manages the blades. Because bulldozers can be large and require special expertise as well as a permit.

Another alternative is an excavator that has large hydraulic arms which are able to dig up plant roots and take them off so they do not get into construction projects , such as the construction of roads or housing on top of cleared land. Excavators are also powered with diesel fuel like bulldozers but are smaller than them and don’t require any an operating license.

Backhoes are another option. These machines look similar to excavators, but they’re much smaller and less heavy. For more information, call home!


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