Install Your Aviation Clamps Right the First Time! – Horseshoe Chamber Blog

Effective and reliable method of fixing aviation clamps, cap screws, bolt heads, nuts, and turnbuckle barrels which cannot be secured with other means is safety wiring, often referred to as positively wire locking.

The wire is used to connect two or multiple units. The possibility of one unit becoming loose because of tensioning the wire can be put to rest. It’s essential for places that bolts may loosen because of vibrating. If used properly, it will lock, holding the wire taut, while preventing movement. For identifying the specific materials that are within Adel clamps, you can make use of the suffix MS21919.

There are various clamp sizes available, ranging in diameter starting at 1/4″ up to several inches. They can be purchased in 1/16-inch diameter increments but are not adjustable. The dimension is determined by the number in the MS number. It is expressed in one-quarter-inch increments. The clamp can be fastened by a simple nut or tiny screws. The MS number is identified by a letter W after the clamp. This signifies that the seal on the enclosure features a “wedge”.


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