Rochester restaurants

Rochester, NY is a pearl on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is a city with a college town feel, but it hosts some of America’s most storied international companies. Commuting into town in the morning you will see business executives in one very nice luxury car listening to stock reports right behind some University of Rochester or Rochester Institute of Technology students quizzing each other about a test that morning while packed into a small compact car.

The city has strong ethnic communities and many cultural flavors that express themselves in a cornucopia of Rochester restaurants. Inside the city proper and within an easy drive are nearly 1,000 restaurants, everything from fine dining in elegant surroundings with attentive waitstaff to fast food emporia and neighborhood gems where a workingman’s family can eat a great meal at a very sensible price.

Rochester restaurants are a melting pot, flavored by the many ethnic peoples who have settled here. Rochester ny restaurants offer American barbecue, Cajun, New England and middle American fare. The seafood is wonderful and the burgers are in a mind numbing variety. You can sample popular upstate New York Fish Fry almost anywhere but you might love it most at a local firehouse or America Legion where the recipes are a little different. And of course, our Rochester restaurants “Buffalo” chicken wings are unparalleled and available everywhere.

The Hispanic Rochester restaurants offer spicy substance and variety, with special little restaurants at the Public Market to hand you a meal right off the stove. In restaurants Rochester you can choose from Korean food, Italian food, Thai food, Polish food, British pub food, Indian food, Vegetarian dishes, Japanese food, Asian fusion food, Greek food, Latin American dishes, Middle Eastern food, African and Mediterranean food, Vietnamese and French specialties, German, Irish and Portuguese food.

And restaurants Rochester NY includes establishments that stay open all night, those that open only for the summer near parks and close to the lake, and some that have been operating for close to a century. Rochester restaurants can be mom and pop places, corporate chains, and local franchises that are only found close to home.

You can enjoy Rochester restaurants on a sidewalk, at a festival, on a rainy Saturday night, hidden in our special supermarkets, overlooking the lake or an amusement park, in your car in parking lot or in the middle of a howling snowstorm. It s easy to enjoy Rochester restaurants.

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