How to Prevent Falls on Aerial Lifts – Blogging Information

Read the e-ep to find out the most commonly used methods contractors use to make sure that aerial lifts are safe from falls.

To avoid falling off aerial lifts, secure the ropes once the boom lift has been put into motion. You only need one rutte for crossing and then you’ll be heading towards the ground. If you’re riding with someone else, check each other’s tie-offs to ensure there will be no falls.

Make sure to be attentive in the event of an aerial lift. You can tie yourself in similar fashion to how the way you tie an apron.

Do you know that when cutting through metal, it’s best to use a shield to protect your face? There’s a chance that you won’t need a face shield a lot of times, but that’s okay. But the one time that metal flies back at you, you will regret being negligent in taking safety precautions. It’s the same with the safety measures on aerial lifts, if you don’t take the security measures and something does happen, you’ll really wish you spent the extra time.

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