How to Create Male Figure Art for Sale – you can’t buy culture

2 (of 4) The second part, “Determining the Pose and Proportions” offers the most effective advice for you to begin making men’s figure art to sell. We’ll explore more.

It’s easy for you to begin drawing male figures , if you’ve had previous experience drawing females. However, don’t worry if you’re new to drawing since this tutorial breaks the process into pieces, and then begins with the steps for croquis building. Beginners must break down the figures as shown in the video , as this is the best way to get familiar with the process. You can then skip some procedures.

Before you start putting pencil to paper, you need to locate visual examples. Search for male models online or find pictures in magazines. You should ensure that they’re not dressed many clothes to enable you to only focus on their bodies as well as the movement of their muscles. You decide to decide if you would like your artwork to be drawn by muscled men.

You are able to watch the rest of the clip for further information about creating male figures paintings for sale.


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