Drive with confidence even in rainy conditions

Aquapel glass treatment

Inclement weather has a profound affect on driving conditions, leading to poor visibility and traffic accidents. While there is little that can be done to change the weather, drivers can take extra precaution by having their windshield treated with Aquapel glass treatment. Aquapel glass treatment is similar to Rain X but its chemical composition provides a longer lasting affect. Aquapel uses an unique proprietary technology that bonds to glass to help water bead up and roll off with ease. Treated windshields with Aquapel glass treatment will improve the confidence of drivers when faced with rain and snowy weather. Keeping Rochester windows and windshields clean and maintained is the priority for both drivers and homeowners.

Aquapel is not only for automobile glass. Aquapel can be used on glass shower doors to prevent build up of soap scum, making bathroom cleaning easier. Aquapel glass treatment can be purchased at glass repair and window tinting Rochester NY area businesses. Shops that sell replacement windows have also begun carrying Aquapel glass treatment and offer it as an add on service to their customers. If you dread driving in the rain and have been disappointed with glass window treatments in the past, consider giving Aquapel a try and experience the difference with its patented formula.

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