Burglars Startled by Security Camera – The Film Frame

nto. It is statistically highly unlikely to ever happen. However, many of us are still buying security cameras to have assurance and the chance of being able to catch an intruder. This video proves that the money spent was well justified. This video will demonstrate not one, but two thieves. The burglars could require bail bondsmen once they are taken.

The footage begins when the first suspect enters the bedroom of the homeowner. The suspect is carrying a firearm concealed on his right hip. Thankfully, nobody was home in the moment of the crime. The burglar was checking his home’s belongings in search of any valuables. It’s amazing how serene it is that he appears. In a matter of seconds the second suspect walks into the room , carrying an apparent stolen laptop. The laptop is likely to be valuable, along with the passwords and documents in it might prove useful. A homeowner is alerted from his security camera on his smartphone while they are searching. The homeowner can see clearly the intruders. Much to the delight of the thieves, he goes into a tirade at them. The thieves then speed off out of the property in the knowledge that the police are soon coming.


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