A Guide to Hose Clamp Sizing – Skyline Newspaper

There is a chance that you’re a technician or plumber trying to repair problems by yourself. Watch this video to learn about how to measure your hose and the best clamp for which circumstance.

If you are measuring, be aware that to note that if your clamp is placed on the outside of the tube or hose, it is necessary to measure the exterior diameter of your hose. When clamps are placed in the interior of the tube, make use of a zip tie or cable tie, to measure the circumference of your tube.

There is a formula to make the circumference hose to the diameter that you need to refer to the various hose clamp sizes. This formula is demonstrated in the video. However, be aware that you’ll have to use your rusty high school math skills.

The equation will give you a number. you, round to the closest two decimals and leave yourself a tiny amount of flexibility as house clamps are adjustable. A slightly bigger hose clamp will be more effective than one with too many holes. In this video, we will show you how to determine the proper dimension hose clamp.


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