Rochester Farmers Markets are a Fun Way to Shop

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People like to head out to a farmers market on sunny afternoons for lots of reasons. While some go simply because they enjoy being in the sun and shopping for some tasty fresh produce, others like to support local farmers and help boost the economy by shopping locally. Because of the many benefits, the number of farmer’s markets is on the rise, and it jumped 17% to more than 7,000 in 2011 alone. Today, the USDA directory records more than 7,800. That number means that they can be found in cities and towns across the country, and New York as a whole is ranked second, behind only California, in terms of total markets. In fact, there are several places in Rochester alone that host great Rochester farmers markets.

City of Rochester Public Market

Located just three blocks north of East Ma

Looking for Something to Excite Your Tastebuds? Four Places to Check Out in Rochester

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Did you know that there are over 800 restaurants in Rochester, NY? If you have been complaining about a lack of new dining options, there is no longer an excuse. The best places in Rochester to grab a plate of food are out there, just waiting for you to try them. Assuming you are a Rochester native, you already know the iconic local eateries like Dinosaur Bar B Que, The Owl House, and Sinbad’s Mediterranean. Here is a list of four eating options that you might enjoy as well.

1. Tapas at the Art Gallery

Why do dinner the normal way, sitting down in a restaurant, when you can instead be listening to live music while viewing famous art from around the world? Tapas Night at the Memorial Art Gallery takes place every Thursday. The gallery is half price admission during this time, an

Resources to Use to Find Great Restaurants in Rochester

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Rochester, New York is filled with thousands of restaurants. There are chain fast food restaurants, major family restaurants, and even small family restaurants. If you have a desire to try out some of the small family restaurants Rochester NY has to offer, here are some suggestions on how to find them.

The first resource you can use to find small, yet tasty Rochester restaurants includes the college crowd. Rochester is home to several colleges and college students tend to know the best ‘underground’ restaurants. When visiting the city, consider asking some of the college students what restaurants Rochester NY locations they would recommend trying.

The second resource you can use to find small, family owned restaurants Rochester locations includes review websites. People love to talk about their fa

Say What? That Is a Garbage Plate?

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Rochester restaurants! There are plenty of them, because this city is known for its food. Restaurants rochester NY serve just about any type of food you can imagine. Whether you are looking for a quick bite to eat or a more sophisticated dinner to satisfy your palette, you can find Rochester restaurants that will suit your needs and cravings! However, there is virtually no Rochester ny restaurants that do not have some sort of garbage plate on their menus.

You can thank Nick Tahou Hots for the creation of the garbage plate, born in Rochester, New York. Nick Tahou Hots is recognized for its extreme American cuisine creations, and the garbage plate may be the single most coveted example of what this eatery can muster up. The original garbage plate dates back all the way to 1918, and was called “Hots and Po tots,” recognized for its signature compilation of fried potatoes, bakes beans, hot dogs, onions, mustard, and chili like meat sauce.

It was not until many years later that the popular meal was coined the “Garbage Plate,” a title that may be attributed to the confusion of some college students. That is right! Rochester, nationally recognized for its many acclaimed universities and colleges, can thank some hungry college students for the now infamous title. Probably with the help of a few drinks from the bar, college students would request the massive plate of food, but because they could not identify its name on the menu, they would instead just order the plate with all the garbage on it.

Almost all Rochester restaurants offer their version of the modern garbage plate. Some refer to the meal as a “trash plate,” while others call it a “dumpster plate.” Moreover, some Rochester restaurants offer alternatives to hot dogs, such as cheeseburgers or chicken, and you can usually choose between an assortment of sides, the most popular being home fries, pasta salad, baked beans, mac salad, and French fries. Take this foundation and throw a few grilled hot dogs, cheeseburgers, or chicken strips on top, and you have yourself the modern Garbage Plate. Well, that is after you add meat sauce, onions, mustard, and any other condiments desired! Next time you visit Rochester restaurants, give the Garbage Plate a try. You are sure to enjoy whatever adaptation of the plate that Rochester restaurants serves!

The Best Kept Secrets of Rochester NY Restaurants

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The restaurants Rochester NY has to offer are exquisite, unique and provide great service. Rochester ny restaurants are unlike restaurants anywhere else in the world. Our city is full of creative, innovative individuals and it shows when you look at the small businesses we have, particularly our Rochester NY restaurants.

One of my favorites, The Owl House is right near downtown. Once you walk up to the front door of The Owl House, you will feel warm and welcomed. The restaurant is in a cute little home on Marshall Street, and as soon as you enter you are greeted with a smile from one of the hosts or bartenders.

One thing that stands out to me about this gem of restaurants Rochester NY is the variety it offers. Not only does the menu offer a wide array of vegan, vegetarian, organic meat friendly and gluten free options, but the bar is extensive, to say the least. With at least 12 fine beers (which are rotated regularly) on tap at all times, the bottled beer list would take five minutes to read off, and they have an excellent wine and after dinner drink selection. The other thing about The Owl House which really stands out to me is that they use organic and locally grown food as much as possible, promoting a feeling of Rochester community and overall health. The Owl House is definitely one of the more outstanding Rochester restaurants

The next of the restaurants Rochester NY which comes to mind is Napa Wood Fired Pizza, located on South Clinton Street, next to Boulder Coffee Co. Wood fired pizza may speak for itself, but I will add why Napa is exceptional. What I love about this fresh addition to the list of great restaurants Rochester NY has, is that the ingredients are always fresh and prepared to perfection. You get the wood fired taste with every bite, but you do not lose the natural flavors and juices of the ingredients in the process. Secondly, the ambiance is cozy and relaxing. The dimly lit restaurant is the perfect setting for a date, a birthday, an intimate gathering of friends, or just about any event which calls for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Restaurants Rochester NY has to offer are truly excellent. When I eat at a locally owned restaurant, I often leave feeling two things: impressed and proud. Impressed at the amazing service, food, creativity and atmosphere, and proud to call myself a Rocheterian.

Find Rochester Restaurants To Enjoy During Your Summer Vacation

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A city as busy as Rochester is well known for many things. Rochester is one of the liveliest cities in New York during the summer, with a wide variety of outdoor events, exciting nightlife, and renowned Rochester NY restaurants. Whether you are planning to visit Rochester for the summer or you are thinking about relocating to the area to attend one of its well known universities, there are a wide variety of restaurants rochester can offer you for all of your meals and snacks. In addition, you can find restaurants Rochester NY that offer various types of cuisines in order to satiate even the pickiest palates. So, if you are hungry in this section of upstate New York, how can you find the best Rochester restaurants for your tastes?

What are you hungry for? There are multiple ways to find the Rochester restaurants that you want; you just need to find the way that you want to look for them. Many individuals enjoy looking for restaurants when they arrive in their vacation destination. As such, you may want to conduct a little research about the area of Rochester you will be visiting, so that you can get an idea about the Rochester restaurants that are in the area. Once you arrive, you can enjoy an afternoon walk to check out these places in person. Many Rochester restaurants will post menus outside, and you can use these menus to see if the dishes served are to your liking. However, you can also use internet resources to help you find great Rochester restaurants. In fact, conducting some research regarding Rochester will alert you to some of the cuisines and dishes that are not only unique to Rochester, but that Rochester is also known for. A few weeks before you leave for Rochester, consider checking out internet resources such as review websites that can provide you with some information about the most well known and top reviewed Rochester restaurants. Here, you can access reviews from frequent patrons and learn about some of the best specialties that each restaurant offers. Some of these review websites may also direct you to social media websites for a variety of Rochester restaurants. Visiting these social media websites may provide you with advertised specials or even printable coupons that you can use on your next visit. Conduct some research to see what you can find.

The Upstate Menu

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Rochester ny restaurants provide a lot of opportunities for people who are looking for some of the most creative food in New York. And it is for this reason that Rochester restaurants have grown considerably as the city of Rochester has become more of a cultural center for upstate New York. The restaurants rochester NY provides can provide people with a lot of different opportunities to taste everything from Taiwanese food to a Texas barbecue.

Some of the most famous restaurants in Rochester are the ones that are best known. For instance, a lot of politicians travel to Rochester to try Nick Tahou’s famous garbage plate, but this is not the only food that people eat on a daily basis in Rochester New York. Rochester is known for many different foods, and it deserves to be known for many different foods as well. After all, it has a highly diverse population.

Rochester NY restaurants can provide foods for people from many different backgrounds and is a highly welcoming place for the international community that travels to the city every year pursuing its educational opportunities. Rochester NY restaurants have opportunities for people in many different situations. And it is for this reason that people will probably continue to use Rochester NY restaurants in the future.

The city of Rochester is a diverse city, and there are a lot of people who use city services for a wide variety of reasons. Rochester NY restaurants have opportunities for almost everyone who is looking for a way to taste all that the city has to offer. The city actually can offer opportunities to many people in many different situations and people will probably continue to travel to the city in the future for this reason. Rochester may not be all that it once was, but it still has much of the culture, or cultures, that have made it a cosmopolitan center of upstate New York.


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Rochester, NY is a pearl on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is a city with a college town feel, but it hosts some of America’s most storied international companies. Commuting into town in the morning you will see business executives in one very nice luxury car listening to stock reports right behind some University of Rochester or Rochester Institute of Technology students quizzing each other about a test that morning while packed into a small compact car.

The city has strong ethnic communities and many cultural flavors that express themselves in a cornucopia of Rochester restaurants. Inside the city proper and within an easy drive are nearly 1,000 restaurants, everything from fine dining in elegant surroundings with attentive waitstaff to fast food emporia and neighborhood gems where a workingman’s family can eat a great meal at a very sensible price.

Rochester restaurants are a melting pot, flavored by the many ethnic peoples who have settled here. Rochester ny restaurants offer American barbecue, Cajun, New England and middle American fare. The seafood is wonderful and the burgers are in a mind numbing variety. You can sample popular upstate New York Fish Fry almost anywhere but you might love it most at a local firehouse or America Legion where the recipes are a little different. And of course, our Rochester restaurants “Buffalo” chicken wings are unparalleled and available everywhere.

The Hispanic Rochester restaurants offer spicy substance and variety, with special little restaurants at the Public Market to hand you a meal right off the stove. In restaurants Rochester you can choose from Korean food, Italian food, Thai food, Polish food, British pub food, Indian food, Vegetarian dishes, Japanese food, Asian fusion food, Greek food, Latin American dishes, Middle Eastern food, African and Mediterranean food, Vietnamese and French specialties, German, Irish and Portuguese food.

And restaurants Rochester NY includes establishments that stay open all night, those that open only for the summer near parks and close to the lake, and some that have been operating for close to a century. Rochester restaurants can be mom and pop places, corporate chains, and local franchises that are only found close to home.

You can enjoy Rochester restaurants on a sidewalk, at a festival, on a rainy Saturday night, hidden in our special supermarkets, overlooking the lake or an amusement park, in your car in parking lot or in the middle of a howling snowstorm. It s easy to enjoy Rochester restaurants.

Flour City Food Offers More than Different Dishes

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Entertainment around Rochester, NY is abundant and diverse. With everything from cabaret theater to world class educational forums, and everything in between, the area is known to have some of the most eclectic collection of things to do in the Northeast. As we all know, entertainment goes hand in hand with restaurants Rochester has to offer and the variety is just as diverse as the many things to do in the Rochester area. Take your time to find the restaurants Rochester you would want to check out for a night on the town and you might have to start narrowing down your options now.

The first thing to do when exploring restaurants Rochester NY is to consider what type of activities you plan on doing. When it comes to theater, sports events, or other things that you might be able to sit down and enjoy then it might be a good idea to check out one of the higher end restaurants Rochester that can provide a quality meal without being rushed out the door. For events like a concert or a simple night out along the downtown area, you might consider one of the local restaurants that offer quality dining without the busy environment. The truth is that all restaurants Rochester area going to be busy during the ‘busy times’ and they will all boast food well worth the wait.

The other thing to consider are Rochester ny restaurants that are lesser known by the mainstream market or tourists, to avoid overcrowding, and to open up some new doors for you to learn about when it comes to restaurants Rochester. Be sure to consider small pizzerias, rib joints, sandwich shops and even local diners among the many Rochester restaurants because of the intimate, handmade meals that are on the menu. Take some time to explore your taste buds and find yourself one of the many Garbage Plates around town or get your ethnic cuisine fix with Indian, Thai, Vietnamese dishes. The good news is that, no matter what restaurants Rochester you come across, you will find that there are hardly any bad decisions to be made.

Get Your Steak On In Rochester NY

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Rochester is known for the crazy amount of pizza places that are packed into such a small city. There are a huge amount of pizza places in this area and there are so many good ones. If you want a unique type of pizza, Great Northern Pizza Kitchen can be a pretty good option. If you are looking for classic style pizza that has a great flavor, Checkers Pizza on Park Ave is definitely good. In Rochester NY restaurants are more like a pastime than a mode of eating.

When they are looking for casual restaurants Rochester NY residents want a place that will serve pizza and they want it to come in huge numbers. With how many people crave pizza in this area people open up new pizzerias all the time to try and compete against the local big guys. Marks Pizza and Pontillos seem to be one of the bigger competitors that are not chains outside of New York.

If you are looking for unique restaurants Rochester NY has so much to offer you will not know what to do with yourself. Since there are so many different ones to choose from, a lot of residents have trouble choosing which Rochester restaurants to go to. If you have a palette that leans more towards the picky side, for whatever reason, there are so many interesting restaurants Rochester NY can offer.

When you are looking for hearty restaurants Rochester NY has what you are looking for. Going to a steak house is a great idea for this type of food. Try Black and Blue, an upscale steak house with amazing original flavors. If you want to try something more unique, there is a Brazilian meat restaurant called Espada that is very popular and has delicious food for both carnivores and omnivores.

If you are visiting Park Ave you can choose from Nathans Soup and Salad for some reasonably priced and originally delicious flavors. They have gluten free options. There are some lovely sit down restaurants on Park Ave, as well. If you like breakfast, Jines Restaurant has won Best Breakfast in City Magazines Best of Rochester Contest the last few years. They are known especially for their awesome omelettes. When you are looking for interesting and delicious restaurants rochester ny has a ton of options to offer.